NewsGeoPark stands by its Neighbors in the Public Health Emergency

Since the public health emergency started GeoPark has worked hand in hand with local institutions in Casanare to contribute to the health and wellbeing of our neighbors.

NewsGeoPark Donates Over 300 Tablets for Villanueva Schoolchildren to Study from Home

To promote quality education and to ensure the continuity of the school education for children studying from home, GeoPark has donated more than 300 tablets to primary and secondary students of the four public educational institutions in Villanueva in the south of Casanare department.

NewsLlanera culture in Casanare

Harps, joropo music, alpargatas (flat, canvas shoes) and the cuatro (a stringed guitar-like instrument) are key parts of the Llanera culture from Colombia’s eastern plains, the Llanos Orientales. And when you put them together with poems, dances and songs that spring from the soul, the art they embody represents the region’s customs and traditions.

Cuéntame is the program that provides timely and effective responses to our neighbors’ concerns, worries and requests. The program allows us to understand and comprehensively approach the requests, complaints and claims that are made in our areas of operation, preventing conflict and strengthening long-term sustainable relationships.